Apple is 2 years behind

Let’s be serious for a second, despite the absurdity of the statements like ‘is Apple the next Blackberry?’. The only way Apple could be the next ‘Blackberry’ is if they do what Blackberry did, i.e. refuse to change and evolve with the marketplace. We’ve seen in the past that Apple does not do that. They delay product launches until they know they have a killer, or potentially amazing product. They watch the market like a hawk and work on a product to disrupt the market that actually makes a difference.

Unlike the Samsungs or HTCs or where the launch of a product is designed to sell that quarter or that year only, with no regard to thoughtful design or finish. I used to like Android phones at one time, even still do to some extent, but I have to admit after using Apple products, that the thoughtful design that goes into them is way beyond even what Google does with their Nexus/Google products. They are not designed to be long term platforms, just what will sell this quarter, and capitalize on the latest short term trend.

Apple refused to release bigger phones for a long time, to their detriment even. But when they did release a product, it was thoughtfully designed and sold 74.5 million iPhone’s when they launched the large sized phones.

The idea isn’t to mindlessly design new products that people ‘think’ they want, or maybe even do. The idea is to design a product that people will love, and use. Design isn’t just a new screen size, or no bezels. It is how the whole thing fits together. Just take a look at the AirPods. Wireless earphones are not new. But have you ever used a product that is so easy and so painless to use?

Lots of brands have fallen behind in the markets they once mattered in and ended up unable to ever catch up again. Prime examples are Sony, Palm, Nokia, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet PC, Blackberry, Google Maps and FitBit.

The common thread among these isn’t evidence that Apple “could be next.” The common thread was that Apple entered their markets and crushed them.

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