Chris Avellone's Gaming Rig

Chris Avellone has been one of my childhood heroes since a friend of mine told me to go read the credits on our favourite game of all time, Fallout 2. Him and the other’s who made the amazing games over at Black Isle Studios just made my childhood amazing.

I now get to see a loot at what he uses as a gaming machine and his general desk and place of work/fun, great insight. I especially love the fact that he has so many action figures all over the place. I wish I could do that, without getting killed! :).

And he plays Lego! Yay!

I have LEGO partly because I grew up with LEGO, I love dumping them on the floor and building craziness, and also for the reasons above - the variations they can make in personalities and the interpretation of established characters with simple connection principles is pretty amazing.

Now to get back to dreaming about Wasteland 2, and not working! :)

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