House of Cards and China

Many of you watch this series, and many of you love it. It may be the acting or the overly dramatized politics. There is no doubt House of Cards is a very popular series, not even going into how amazing it is that Netflix is making such amazing original content, as that is a whole seperate post; let’s talk about its popularity abroad.

To say Chinese people get the wrong idea of American politics by watching this series is again a half statement. Sure there will be people who watch it and say, yea that must be what it is like, and honestly they are not entirely wrong. But to insist that just because they are foreigners they see this and believe in it literally is nonsense. I am sure most of them just watch it and take it for what it is, very amazing entertainment, just like everyone else. Hey I am sure there are a lot of Americans who watch House of Cards and believe that is what American politics is like in reality.

Oh and you Americans, how much of the eastern nonsense you see on TV and believe that is how it actually is for us easterners, huh? Yea point made. Throws mic and walks of stage.

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