No words.

“I don’t know if this is possible, but can I give her a hug, please? Please?” Jean asked Judge Tammy Kemp.

The jurist said yes, and Brandt got off the stand and walked toward Guyger at the defense table. She leaped up from her seat and ran to hug him.

They clutched each other in an embrace that lasted for more than a minute — with Guyger loudly sobbing into Jean’s shoulder.

Who would have that much compassion?

Street photography with the X100F part 1 of unknown

Ever since getting the X100F I have been using it on and off. I have a more detailed post coming at some point with my thoughts on the camera itself. Spoiler alert: It is freaking amazing!

But till then, enjoy some of the first few street pictures I have taken with the camera.

Boris Johnson is shadier than you thought

Not only has Boris used his infamous ‘dead cat strategy’ to move the conversation away from him and Carrie Symonds and his plans for Brexit, he’s managed to push down his past mistakes on Google, too — making it more difficult for people to get a quick snapshot of relevant information. He’s not just controlling the narrative here — he’s practically rewriting it. And judged by the standards of an SEO campaign, it’s hard to describe it as anything other than a resounding success.

No words. Simply no words. This guy. Tech constantly being used by these vile, vile human beings to achieve their own goals.

I have a suggestion, all the other politicians, hire some smart people for a change, listen to your tech people, do what they tell you. Maybe you’ll actually have a fighting chance. But then again, you will never listen. And this guy and Trump and all the others, will use whatever they can to advance their own agendas. Pathetic.

The Tesla advantage

From industry expert analysis:

Even modern EVs from veteran carmakers are finding it hard to match the Roadster’s 245-mile EPA range. The Audi e-tron, for example, just has 204 miles of range per charge, while the award-winning I-PACE has an EPA rating of 234 miles per charge.

Tesla’s advantage or so, can be narrowed down to a few things:

  1. All-electric only design, instead of converting existing platforms for EVs.

  2. Battery pack/cell design. The Tesla/Panasonic battery/cell and pack design is superior to the competition.

  3. Cell chemistry. Since Tesla spent all of their 16 year history in advancing cell chemistry and tech, they are way ahed in that aspect.

I know a lot of people complain about bad service (not my personal experience), or issues with manufacturing, panel gaps and what not (what a useless thing to be worried about. It is something that can be fixed. How will a bad design for battery pack or a half-assed attempt at converting an ICE platform for EV be fixed later?) and those are true to some extent, and we need to hold Tesla to higher standards, and they are improving. Go check out their latest cars. No more issues than you would find with any other manufacturer.

Stop listening to all the companies dragging their feet and stop being stuck to legacy, try out the future. I did, and I do not regret it.

Note: I am an admitted Tesla fanboy. I also put my money where my mouth is and bought a Tesla. If you ever decide to buy one, please go ahead and use my referral link 😃

A day in London with family

A few images from the day roaming the streets of London. Didn’t get a lot of keepers, but oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. 🤷🏽‍♂️

X-Pro3 the Design Failure before a single test 😂

Olaf Sztaba writing on his blog about the uproar on the internet on the new design that Fujifilm revealed for the highly anticipated X-Pro3.

First, nobody or almost nobody who is crying wolf has had a chance to shoot with this camera yet. Luckily, it appears that a physical camera is no longer needed to prove its usefulness to the world. People just know! What a brilliant bunch! Saves a lot of hassle. We’re on the intuitive internet.

Don’t even need to read the rest of the points, that just basically covers it 😂.

Daredevil might return

I want Daredevil back! Out of all the Marvel TV series, I think Daredevil was clearly the best, with Punisher a close second. I think they lost the plot with Iron Fist and Luke Cage (really? What was that). Jessica Jones was just OK.

There is so much more that can be done with the medium and the stories coming straight of the comics, modified for modern TV audiences, see HBO Watchmen.